Pietro Sibille confirms that Andrea Luna was unfaithful to him and calls Andrés Wiese an idiot

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The actor finally confirmed that his former romantic partner He was unfaithful with the actor too , whom he described as “stupid”, after both were caught kissing in a nightclub in Miami, United States.

Through a publication on his account on Instagram, the also director and theater teacher assured that he could not stand the “lie” and qualified as “False” the version of Andrea Luna, regarding the fact that both had already ended their romantic relationship before the ampay.

“Yes. I could not bear the lie anymore. What Andrea Luna said is totally false. We were together when he did what he did with that idiot Andrés Wiese (he’s not even a good actor). Point”, he wrote on the social network, accompanied by the lyrics of a song by Joaquin Sabina.

As you remember, the romance between Pietro Sibille and Andrea Luna It came to an end last August, when Magaly TV cameras captured an alleged actress in a passionate kiss with her colleague Andrés Wiese.

The end of the relationship was a great surprise, since since it was formalized in 2017 – after two years of speculation – it had been presented as one of the most solid in show business.

Precisely that year in which the romantic relationship was formalized, Andrea Luna explained that his connection to Sibille, who is 14 years old, not only was she loving, but Pietro was her “maestro” and his “guide”.

The first speculations of a possible breakup of the couple occurred in January 2021 after Luna posted a TikTok with her best friend. On that occasion the actress denied problems in her relationship.

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