Pikmin Bloom comes to iOS and Android

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Pikmin Bloom, the new game from Nintendo and AR developer Niantic, is coming to both iOS and Android in the coming days.

Like Pokemon Go, Pikmin Bloom combines Nintendo gameplay with the outdoors. Players stepping out of their homes will be able to upgrade their Pikmin as they roam, but that will only be half the gameplay experience.

When you go out to improve your Pikmin, you will collect materials on your map to improve your Pikmin. As with Niantic’s other AR games, the game will feature an interactive map based on your real-life location.

As you walk, the paths you pass will bloom and this will be an important part of Pikmin Bloom. On your journeys with your Pikmin team, the flowers you plant will be visible on your map after every step you take.

Pikmin Bloom looks more like a sports app than a game, suggesting that Niantic has achieved its intended goal.

Pikmin Bloom was the first game Niantic developed in collaboration with Nintendo. Nintendo has announced that it plans to work on different series with Niantic in the future, so we hope to see more of these two companies in the future.

Matt TM Kim, editor at MRT.

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