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Pikmin Bloom is Niantic’s latest collaboration with Nintendo, and its release on iOS and Android is imminent

Pikmin Bloom is the most recent collaboration between Nintendo and Augmented Reality developer Niantic, and in the coming days (this week) will be available to download on both iOS and Android .

Like Pokemon Go, Pikmin Bloom combines elements of the beloved Nintendo franchise with the idea of embrace the outdoors . The Players can grow Pikmin by walking and getting passes but that’s only half the experience.

Once you finish your walk say aria and follow n growing Pikmin, soon you will be able to pluck them and have them collect more materials to keep you playing . As with other Niantic AR games, there will be an interactive map based on your real life location .

While you walk, flowers will bloom along your way, making walking a more important part and Pikmin Bloom . And as you carry your Pikmin team on your walks, the map will bloom with the flowers you plant with each step, leaving our own trail .

In this sense, Pikmin Bloom is almost closer to a monitor of fitness than of a game , and that seems to be the desired goal.

Niantic is planning monthly events of Community Day for to motivate the walks community, but with Pikmin Bloom, the goal is not solo collect and move. Too you can take photo s with your Pikmin and create a journal of all the places you’ve been .

Pikmin Bloom is the new game that Niantic develops in collaboration with Nintendo. However, the two companies they have already announced plans to continue to work together on Nintendo franchises in the future hour . Still, there are no clues as to what the next IP on his schedule might be.

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