Pikmin Bloom is official: this is the new game from the creators of Pokémon GO

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Pikmin Bloom is Niantic’s answer to the Pokémon GO phenomenon with Nintendo’s strategy license. Twenty years after the birth of the first and five of the second, the team led by John Hanke presents in society this new iteration of the strategy and creatures series of the Japanese firm; but he does not do it alone, but in collaboration with Shigeru Miyamoto, author of the license. You can see the trailer at the beginning of this news.

What is Pikmin Bloom? Release date and how to play

After its announcement last March, a registration period and many unanswered questions, Pikmin Bloom is the final name of this free video game free-to-play (includes in-app purchases) based on the Augmented reality and the geolocation, thus sharing the spirit of Pokémon GO: Get out there and explore, collect, play.

While Pikmin Bloom is released today in Australia and Singapore, Ninatic will make this premiere a staggered release; just as it happened with its previous titles. It is expected that it will arrive in Spain in the next few days.

However, How do you play Pikmin Bloom? The title consists of performing Expeditions with our Pikmin. When we go for a walk with our Mii character we must plant flowers, so the Pikmin can grow faster and recharge their stems. This will grant us Flower Coins, which is the virtual currency of the game. Once we finish walking we will receive a summary with the steps taken. Therefore, use will be made of the pedometer of our mobile devices. The title seeks to encourage us to go for a walk.

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Walk, plant flowers, look for fruits with your Pikmin …

But not only that. The concept gamificado from Pikmin Bloom goes one step further and will take advantage of these Expeditions to collect all kinds of objects; from fruits to flower petals that we can use to get clothes and objects. As explained Eurogamer In their reports, we will have active gameplay elements (tracking the flower trail) and passive, which are Expeditions.

Like Pokémon GO, Pikmin Bloom will feature Adventure synchro, which will make it easier for our steps to be counted even when we are not playing or have the app open. There will also be a Community day to play with other users and encourage sociability in games that are, in fact, always connected.

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