Pilar Alegría tells Feijóo that the EPP urges measures such as “Iberian exception”

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The spokeswoman for the PSOE, Pilar Alegría, rejected this Saturday the PP’s criticism of the “Iberian exception” on electricity prices agreed by Spain and Portugal with the European Union, stating that precisely today the European Popular Group urged to take “urgent” measures in the face of the increase in the cost of energy.

“Mr. Feijóo, the Iberian exception (Iberian thymus as you call it) works, doesn’t it?” Alegría wrote in a tweet.

“I ask because its European partners are urgently requesting it for all of Europe,” added the socialist spokeswoman.

The group of the European People’s Party in the European Parliament insisted this Saturday on taking “urgent” measures against the increase in the cost of energy and, specifically, urged to delink the price of electricity from that of gas.

“It is necessary to act urgently to face the increase in energy #prices and the cost of living for Europeans!”, Underlined the group of the popular in the European Parliament through its official profile on Twitter.

As a “short-term” measure, they asked the European Commission to “review” the mechanism on which energy prices in the European Union are based.

“Solution: delink the price of electricity from the price of gas”, they concluded.

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, criticized today that the PP will vote in favor of “the same measures” in Brussels that it has rejected in Madrid, alluding to taxes on energy companies, and has denounced that this is “the most eloquent example ” of the “negationist opposition” that in his opinion exists in Spain.

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In a public act in Toledo, framed in the campaign “The Government of the people” that the PSOE plans to develop throughout Spain and which has been attended by some 600 people, the secretary general of the Socialists has defended the so-called “Iberian exception” in the price of energy and has estimated that, without this measure, Spanish households would be paying triple in electricity bills.

But he lamented that while the central government was “battling” this measure in Brussels together with Portugal, the PP was “trying to sabotage” said mechanism, to which he added: “It is not that the big energy companies go with the PP hand in hand, but the big energy companies lead the PP by the halter, to defend their interests”.

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