Pink offered to pay the fine of Norwegian athletes who refused to play in bikini at the Olympics

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Between music and commitment Photo: Vianney Le Caer / Invision / AP, File

The Olympic Games became an attraction on the screens around the world, thousands of athletes from different parts of the planet stand out in Tokyo, the venue for the delayed 2020 tournaments. But the news does not only go through the results in the different disciplines , but an event starring Norwegian athletes, which included a controversial fine and Pink’s reaction.

The singer did not overlook the decision that affected the Norwegian beach handball team. Each of the national team players was fined after rejecting the regulations that imply wearing bikinis to play. The rule requires wearing a garment smaller than 10 centimeters, and las on clothing only reaches women.

So it was that the athletes They went out to the court with shorts to dispute the match for the bronze against Spain. Following the decision of the athletes, the European Federation sanctioned them with 1,500 euros, which equates to 150 per player.

The American singer Pink sympathized with the young women and offered to pay the penalty. “I am very proud of the Norwegian team for protesting against the very sexist rules about their ‘uniform’. The European Federation should be fined for sexism. Good for you girls. I will be very happy to pay the fine. Keep up the good work, “said the artist on her Twitter account.

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The reaction of the author of “Try” went viral and thousands of users debated the situation. The Norwegian team thanked the Grammy winner – who recently released new material – for the gesture. “Thanks for the support”, wrote in the official team accounts.

The controversy

The networks debated for long hours about the difference in the requirements for women’s and men’s uniforms for the same sport. The discussion opened a strong exchange of views on measures that only affect women’s teams.

Norwegian athletes argued their position stating that it is a sexist measure. Reason why, they raised to have the same possibilities as the competitors of the opposite sex to be able to choose the use of the appropriate clothing.

Last week, Eskil Berg Andreassen, the team’s coach spoke to CNN and assured that female athletes were fighting for the freedom to choose. During the statements to the television medium, she indicated that the attitude of the Federation could keep women away from this sport.

The European Handball Federation acknowledged on Monday the commotion that the incident had caused in the press and social networks, and said it would donate the amount paid by the Norwegian team “to a important international sports foundation that supports the equality of women and girls in sport ”.

“We are very aware of the attention the issue has received in recent days, and while changes cannot happen overnight, we are fully committed to seeing something good come out of this situation at this time, so the EHF has donated the fine to a good cause that promotes equality in sports, ”EHF President Michael Wiederer said in a statement.

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