Pipe Bomb Explodes in Residential Area of East Belfast

By: Thomas Blade

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Pipe Bomb Explodes in Residential Area of East Belfast

A pipe bomb has exploded in a residential area of East Belfast, causing concern for the safety of residents and highlighting the ongoing threat of violence in the region. The incident occurred on Templemore Avenue on Tuesday morning, prompting a security alert and the closure of the road between Newtownards Road and Beechfield Avenue.

Army bomb disposal experts were called to the scene to examine the device and carried out a controlled explosion. The remnants of the pipe bomb have been removed for further examination.

Alliance Party councillor Maire Hendron expressed her shock at the incident, stating that someone could have been seriously injured or killed if the bomb had detonated. She condemned the placement of the device in a residential area, where it could have been easily accessed by a child.

Police have appealed for anyone with information about the incident to come forward. The investigation into the pipe bomb explosion is ongoing.

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