Piqué and Clara Chía square off against journalist Jordi Martín in court

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Intimacy Has Not Been an Option for Gerard Piqué Since Separation with Shakira

It has been a difficult year for former soccer player Gerard Piqué, who has been unable to enjoy intimacy since his separation from Colombian singer Shakira. He and his partner Clara Chia Marti have resorted to legal action, testifying in court against journalist and paparazzi Jordi Martin.

Alleged Harassment

Various media outlets are reporting that Piqué and Marti are seeking a restraining order for the journalist, who has made it clear that he is committed to Shakira. The couple has accused Martin of alleged harassment, and filed a complaint against him.

Withdrawn Restraining Order

Initially, both Piqué and Chia Marti filed for a restraining order against Martin. However, Piqué withdrew his request later on. Meanwhile, Chia Marti has requested that Martin not be able to get within a certain distance of her, citing health problems caused by the harassment.

Photojournalism or Invasion of Privacy?

Martin has defended himself, stating that his actions are those of a photojournalist, and that following the couple is simply a part of his job. He has claimed that he is photographing a famous character on public roads, generating headlines and media interest.

Separation and Infidelity Allegations

Piqué and Shakira separated due to allegations of infidelity on Piqué’s part, after a twelve-year relationship. The athlete was spotted with his new partner, whom he met at his company Kosmos, just two months later. The alleged infidelity has led to a difficult year for Piqué and costly legal battles with the paparazzi.

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