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Pixar's Cars Franchise Hides a Secret Detail

Pixar’s Cars Franchise Hides a Secret Detail

The “All Convertible Waitresses” sign in “Cars” is easy to miss, which may be a relief for parents who’d rather avoid explaining what it means to their kids. However, some adult jokes in “Cars” are far more blatant. One such example occurs when Lightning McQueen, voiced by Owen Wilson, is swarmed by photographers while Mia and Tia approach him, declaring themselves as his biggest fans. They then flash their headlights at him, prompting McQueen to respond, “Oh, I love being me.” If the flash pun wasn’t enough, it becomes evident that Mia and Tia literally “flashed” Lightning McQueen. To make it even clearer, police cars escort the duo away, hinting that they behaved inappropriately.

In another scene, Lightning barges in on Doc, voiced by Paul Newman, while the Sheriff, played by Michael Wallis, is lifted into the air. Feeling embarrassed, Lightning inadvertently sees the Sheriff’s underside. The Sheriff then says, “Get a good peek, city boy?” While it’s ambiguous what exactly Lightning is looking at, it’s clear he saw something he shouldn’t have. These adult jokes extend to the sequels as well, with “Cars 2” featuring a “lemon party” scene. For those unfamiliar with the term “lemon party,” it’s best not to look it up, as it’s definitely an adult joke.

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Source: Looper