Plan and create the perfect heists in Heist Simulator for PC and Google Stadia

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Plan and create the perfect heists in Heist Simulator for PC and Google Stadia

You look at the wallet and it’s emptier than a dry river, but getting money can be as easy as stealing it … in a video game, of course. No More Robots, the publisher behind games like Descender, Yes, Your Grace or Hypnoscpace, has just announced Heist Simulator. In other words, a strategy title that try to rob banks. The player will be able to create, play and share their own crimes. Also, an early version is now available to test on Steam.

Developed by SkyBagel and RogueCode, Heist Simulator invites the player to the crime scene. For the robbery to be effective, you will have to design it well, because otherwise you may be caught red-handed. So unless you want to spend a good time behind bars, his thing is that you rake your brain to look for the vulnerabilities that allow you to reach the vault, where the final treasure awaits you.

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One goal, different challenges

The game introduces the tools needed for the complete creation of levels, which, as we said, can also be shared. “Creating the perfect shot you’ve always dreamed of is now in your hands,” they say in the press release. Players will be able to design the robbery in different ways, so that it will be possible to focus on the action, the infiltration or the puzzles. There will also be “narrative works”, mechanics to escape the room and, ultimately, the variety of options that will allow you to design different things.

“The jewel in the crown is that the creation tools for Heist Simulator are available now.” The study has reported that thanks to sistema Playtest de SteamThose who wish can already fiddle with an early build of Heist Simulator to test out the different options available.

Heist Simulator will not only come to PC via Steam, it is also planned to Google Stadia. The commercial version still does not have a release date, although it is scheduled for this year 2021.

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