Plans to spend 24 hours of pure luxury in Barcelona

Modern, cosmopolitan, proud of an architectural legacy that is pure luxury, Barcelona always has an excuse to walk it. Ours begins and ends in the exclusive Mandarin Oriental Barcelona, located in the middle Paseo de Gracia between the boutiques international and with the Casa Batlló as a neighbor.

Mandarin Oriental Barcelona
Photo: Mandarin Oriental Barcelona

Pure design

The imposing stone façade of the Hispanic-American Bank that once the hotel opened in 2009 coexists with the contemporary touch of a ramp that leads to the golden interiors of one of the iconic hotels in the city. Check-in done, every corner of this five-star hotel is pure design. With the signature of Patricia urquiola, elegant armchairs, tables and lamps coexist in the spacious (and bright) rooms of the hotel. With a hundred of them, many have a private balcony with direct views of the boulevard.

Mandarin Oriental Barcelona
Photo: Mandarin Oriental Barcelona

Stop for lunch

Although the bed king-size invite to stay, it’s time to surrender to Barcelona. Given the proximity, the first stop is Casa Batlló, Gaudí’s jewel fitted out by another great one: Kengo Kuma. After leaving hypnotized, it’s time to head down Carrer de la Diputació to enjoy ‘CruiX‘, a culinary discovery where its tasting menu of author covers will not disappoint anyone.

Barcelona / Cruix
Photo: Cruix

Niguiris de fuet, hake churros with green sauce, aubergine tartare and parmesan yolk or the incredible dessert “sad day at the beach” are just some of the names on the menu. Young, dynamic and daring, in the kitchen of this place also specialized in rice dishes, it is Miquel Pardo, who after training with Jabier Gartzia or Jordi Cruz, three years ago – in his thirties – dared with his own place in the heart of Eixample.

MOCO Museum
Photo: MOCO Museum

To lower the food there will be no better excuse than to go to admire the Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar, the most perfect sample of Catalan Gothic, to later get lost in the Gothic Quarter and its stone labyrinths. Nearby awaits the Picasso Museum or the recently opened MOCO Museum.

At sunset

The sun goes down and the body asks for a well-deserved rest. Back on the hectic Paseo de Gracia, wait for a corner where calm rules: the Mimosa Garden of the Mandarin Oriental. This hidden jungle in the heart of the city invites you to forget everything. If thirst enters, he waits by his side Banker’s bar and its signature cocktails served under a roof decorated with original safes that allude to the old bank that occupied the building.

Mandarin Oriental Barcelona
Photo: Mandarin Oriental Barcelona

Star dinner

Carme Ruscalleda no introduction needed. The Catalan, with seven Michelin stars on her apron, has part of her heart in the Mandarin Oriental. Your award-winning restaurant ‘Moments’ awaits here. Creative, fresh cuisine, inspired by Catalan culinary culture, comes from a stove to a dining room in amber and gold tones, also designed by Urquiola. Its thematic tasting menu ‘World’s wonders‘invites you to a multisensory journey with dishes such as the Roman Coliseum, Machu Picchu, Petra, Taj Mahal or the prestigious Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona.

Moments / Mandarin Oriental Barcelona
Moments / Photos: Mandarin Oriental Barcelona

Spa y yoga

Dawn breaks and there is nothing like starting the day relaxed. For this reason, going down to see the hotel’s spa becomes an obligatory stop with its own name. Because The Spa conquer locals and visitors alike. With luxurious treatments and the unique hair spa the country, the relaxing massages, the wraps or the most cared rituals will make one come out like new. And if this is not enough, on the roof of the hotel it is possible to give a class of yoga.

Mandarin Oriental Barcelona
Photo: Mandarin Oriental Barcelona

After completely renovating the face with the Glacial White Caviar Facial Miriam Quevedo accompanied by a mystical massage based on the foot reflexology, it’s time to have lunch before going home. Without leaving the hotel, the more informal Ruscalleda awaits in Blanc, the restaurant located in the hotel atrium. Traditional food, simpler and perfect to fill your stomach with elegance in a letter or menu format (two courses and dessert).

Barcelona / Unsplash
Photo: Unsplash

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