Player of the losing team knocks out an opponent with a punch during a handshake at the end of a school basketball game (VIDEO)

A basketball game between two high schools in the US ended on Tuesday with a violent incident, after one of the players knocked out an opponent with a punch at the end of the game, they report local media.

The Nevada Cubs beat the Iowa Carlisle Wildcats 47-72 on the road, 47-72. After the final whistle, as the two teams exchanged handshakes, a member of the losing squad struck an opponent in the stomach and then in the face. The young man collapsed, while one of his companions came to his defense and pounced on the attacker.

The coaches and referees intervened to separate the teams and get them all off the court. The situation was well managed and controlled, and did not require the intervention of the Police. However, the next day, the 17-year-old Wildcats player was arrested for a felony “intentional injury” and booked into the Warren County Jail. according a criminal complaint received by the Carlisle Police Department.

The document states that the victim suffered a concussion and a cut to the mouth. It is not clear what was the trigger that caused the violent episode.

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