Playmobil: Model of Kirk’s spaceship Enterprise NCC-1701 probably still in autumn

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The Zirndorf toy manufacturer Playmobil has apparently secured a license for Star Trek and wants to bring out a considerable model of the original spaceship Enterprise with the crew around Captain Kirk. This is reported by several media all over the world, and a US online shop is already pre-selling the set and is offering it for $ 500 with a promised delivery in September. Accordingly, the spaceship model is equipped with light and sound effects and also includes figures of Kirk, Mister Spock, Doctor McCoy, Scotty, Lieutenant Uhura and Ensign Chekov. The manufacturer himself did not comment on the reports to heise online.

In addition to Lego bricks, Playmobil figures and sets are certainly among the most famous toys – not only in German children’s rooms. The system toy has been around since 1974 and during this time the manufacturer from Zirndorf near Nuremberg has produced more than 3.5 billion figures. They are currently sold in over 100 countries and the manufacturer employs over 4600 people. But while the competitor Lego has long relied on licensing agreements in order to be able to offer models for well-known brands – such as Star Wars, but so far not from Star Trek – Playmobil has held back for a long time. Playmobil sets like this have only been around for a few years. The USS Enterprise NCC-1701 has been available as a terminal block set from Hasbro subsidiary Kre-o for several years. However, the model can only be found used.

The now apparently imminent model of the USS Enterprise is NCC-1701 According to the Entertainment Earth online shop over a meter long and almost half a meter wide. The lights and sounds of the model can therefore be controlled with your “smart device”. In addition, it should be able to be set up and hung from the ceiling. In total, the set should therefore comprise 136 parts and be suitable for children – and adults – from 10 years of age. The saucer section can be opened according to photos circulating on the Internet and then has access to a bridge that resembles the one from the cult series about Captain Kirk and his crew. In addition, one should also have access to the engine room from the side of the spaceship.

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