PlayStation filtra por error Destroy All Humans! 2 Remake

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PlayStation has gotten out of hand. The Japanese company has leaked the existence of a project that is not officially known. Is about Destroy All Humans! 2 Reprobed, which has appeared on the official Twitter account of the Sony company. The tweet has already been deleted, but the user @ IdleSloth84 has been quick and has managed to rescue the trailer, which you can see just below these lines. In addition, the first images have also appeared.

Although no official information has yet been provided by THQ Nordic, the video suggests that the publisher will follow the line set by the remake of the first game. That is, they will remain faithful to the original material, but will improve the audiovisual section significantly. In the game, the players they put themselves back into the invaders’ skin, whose objective can be intuited just by reading the title: to end humanity once and for all. For this, we can make use of all kinds of weapons of extermination.

A saga with history

The Destroy All Humans saga was one of the brands of the old THQ, which during the first years of the new millennium published its different installments. The titles are loaded with humor and have a cartoon visual design that fits with the premise they offer. When the North American company went bankrupt, their licenses went to the companies that bought them. In the case of this series, THQ Nordic, which also took over the company name, took over.

Destroy All Humans! Remake went on sale last year 2020. At MeriStation we rated it a 7 and came to the conclusion that the studio had managed to capture the essence of the original product, to the point that some mechanics had become somewhat outdated.

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