PlayStation heroes take to the field in Champions League announcement

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Kratos, Nathan Drake, Aloy, Ratchet and Clank … there are many characters that have been born under the bosom of PlayStation, and many of them appear in the new advertisement published by Sony. What official sponsors of the UEFA Champions League, these charismatic protagonists have become footballers for a day and have stepped on grass. You can see it in the trailer on these lines.

“As a long-term sponsor of the UEFA Champions League, we have enjoyed more than 24 years of collaboration with UEFA on unique football experiences,” said PlayStation’s Jill Erb. “To help celebrate this shared passion for soccer and video games, we are delighted to introduce the new ad that will appear during Champions League soccer matches. from October 19, starring some of the most iconic characters ”of the brand.

Each hero has his role

In the ad we see several scared players when they realize that Kratos and Atreus they are going to play on the opposing team. Next, Ratchet and Clank appear through an interdimensional portal to rescue an injured soccer player. Horizon Forbidden West’s Aloy uses her tactical expertise to lead the club to victory. Instead, Nathan Drake uses his adventurous skills in order to cheer on his team from the top of the stadium.

The new generation of Sony is already in stores, although since its launch the flow of machines has been sporadic. Both PS5 and Xbox Series X / S are suffering from the semiconductor shortage crisis. Meanwhile, PS4 still has life, since titles like Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7 o God of War: Ragnarok they are intergenerational projects.

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Beyond 2022 it is unknown if PlayStation Studios is working on more joint projects for both consoles. Time will tell.

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