PlayStation Now will incorporate several Final Fantasy from September

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The Final Fantasy saga has been gradually added to the Xbox Game Pass catalog, which recently announced that the thirteenth installment will be the next to arrive. Now, the official PlayStation blog has revealed that its subscription service, PlayStation Now, will also receive titles from the Square Enix star RPG saga. The first of them is Final Fantasy VII and will be available from September.

All Final Fantasy debuts on PS Now

Fantay VII Final – September 7

The original 1997 title plunges us into an environmental conflict caused by the Midgar company, which is absorbing the life energy of the planet. Cloud, Tifa, Barret and the rest of the members of AVALANCHA will join the fight to live an adventure as dangerous as it is exciting.

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered — October 5

Squall is a student in the Balamb Garden, a place where warrior seeds train to fulfill their military contracts. However, their true goal is to end the terrible witches. Nothing is what it seems, something that the protagonist and the group will soon discover. Travel the world and fight against all kinds of creatures while discovering the truth.

Fantay IX Final – November 2

The Kingdom of Alexandria lives in times of darkness. To the apparent madness of the queen we must add the kidnapping of Princess Garnet, a kidnapping that was planned, but in which the princess herself participates voluntarily. Along with the rest of the band, Yitán and his companions will take an introspective journey to find out who they really are.

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Final Fantasy X / X-2 Remastered — December 7

The two installments set in Spira have a very different tone, but both share some of their main characters. Yuna, a summoner, is destined to give her life so that the monster that will destroy the world sleep for a few years. On her way she will meet Tidus, who will accompany her throughout the pilgrimage.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age —4 de enero

The Kingdom of Dalmasca has been conquered by the mighty Arcadia Empire, which has plunged the territory into ruin. The heir to the throne, Princess Ashe, does not hesitate to join the resistance to try to free herself from the bonds. In the meantime, Vaan dreams of flying through the skies, something that will finally get, but at what cost?

PlayStation Now allows streaming games to be played using PS4, PS5 and PC. They can also be downloaded to the console’s hard drive to play locally.

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