PlayStation patents a system to make wounds more realistic in games

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Patents are what they are, ideas that can come true or be forgotten. That’s why Sony Interactive Entertainment has patented a way to make wounds more realistic, it may apply to their video games … or it may not. Gamerant, which has published that this system was registered last July, includes the general concept. It responds to the fact that ingame models transform as the wounds become more apparent. There is even reference to the details that will show the facial expressions of the characters, which will change depending on the severity of the injuries.

It all starts with an injury to a certain part of the body. Then that area of ​​the character’s body will begin to change, either with a greater or lesser weight or length. The modeling skeleton has a number of joints that allow the injured party to continue moving. Should any pressure be applied to the wound, a penalty will automatically be triggered, such as walking limping due to a leg injury or dropping the sword after trying to swing it with a touched arm.

The wounds will not be missing

As always, it all depends on how the studies apply it, if at all. Still, there are several titles on the horizon that portend a considerable amount of violence. Among the closest projects are Horizon Forbidden West y God of War: RagnarokBoth dated for the year 2022. Of course, it has not been revealed whether or not they make use of this patent, so it will be necessary to see if they develop it into tangible products.

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PlayStation Studios does not have any video games planned for the latter half of the year 2021. All major developments, including the aforementioned games, have carried over to next year. Gran Turismo 7 is also due out in 2022.

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