PlayStation premieres a mini documentary on LGTBIQ + diversity in video games

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Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain (SIE Spain) has released a new mini documentary on the diversity of identities LGTBIQ + through videogame history, where gaming personalities like Melo Moreno and journalists recognized as Jen Herranz, Borja Pavón, Black, Laura Luna or Paula Croft, these last two, editors of this house, MeriStation, talk about the representation of this group in great titles and the evolution of this inclusion in the history of video games.

Pride in PlayStation video games

Thus, and through various interviews, the guests carry out a review of the video games that they bet on representative characters of diversity in our society. Games like the iconic sagas of the industry The Last of Us O Mass Effect and other works of the medium are those chosen by journalists to relate their impressions when playing at them with respect to diversity.

“From PlayStation Spain we celebrate love, equality and freedom. That is why we bring you a short documentary in which we interview journalists specialized in video games and content creators where we talk about the representation and visibility of LGTBIQ + in video games. Thanks to Jen Herranz, Melo, Borja Pavón and all the team that has made this key content possible for our Community of players! ”, Explain those in charge.

And is that the presence of group referents LGTBIQ + in video games is increasing through characters and stories that integrate these sensitivities into their narrative, all to seek the normalization of this social reality. In addition, on the occasion of Pride Month the theme is freely available PlayStation Pride 2021 for PS4; on the other hand, PlayStation Store offers a selection of more than 50 games with LGTBIQ + representation.

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