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By: Sayani Hazra

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The Sony PlayStation Store turned 20 this week, revolutionizing the gaming industry and bringing us legendary titles like Gran Turismo, Tekken, and Resident Evil.

The machine was released in Japan on December 3, 1994, only a week after Sega’s Saturn system. However, the Sony machine succeeded because of its robust technology tailored for real-time 3D graphics and creative marketing.

Here are some facts about the original PlayStation store that you may not know to start a week of coverage. Enjoy!

From The Playstation 3s, A Super-Computer

This did take place! Imagine building a Super Computer out of a video game system. The US Air Force was the first to build a Super Computer out of a Playstation 3S. To acquire the needed results, 1760 Playstation 3 units were required. The scientists chose the Playstation 3 for the task since it was powerful enough and relatively inexpensive compared to traditional computers.

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Finally, the Super Computer was set for two million dollars! This is little compared to the 10 or 20 times it might have been if standard computer units had been utilized. It would also have taken ten times the amount of electricity.

The Playstation Was Created With Nintendo In Mind

This revelation may come as a shock to many of us, particularly those who grew up with the PlayStation 1’s tenth generation and played various games such as Spyro, Gran Turismo, Metal Gear, Final Fantasy, and other titles that have stayed with us to this day. We hope to see a remake of it for the current and next generation.

Still, the fact is that Sony manufactured the PlayStation 1 for Nintendo, which required Sony to create a model of The Play Station with the separation of the two words and hand it over to Nintendo, who would re-manufacture large quantities of it and distribute it in its name around the world, as well as about games. Still, during Sony’s start to manufacture the device, Nintendo went out of business.

The PlayStation 1 became the first CD-based gaming device to show 3D games in a short amount of time. At the same time, Nintendo started to suffer from the failure of its initial device, which was the consequence of its collaboration with Philips.

The Cds Are Black

The glossy surface of the floppy discs CD, DVD, and now BR is what everyone recognizes about these discs, but did you know that the PlayStation 1 discs were black?! Some may disagree, claiming that in our Arab area, we depended on pirated discs rather than the originals. Yet, if you want to purchase an original copy of any PlayStation 1 game, the disc will be black and quite costly.

Furthermore, unlike other devices that relied on cartridge tapes with a maximum capacity of 12 megabytes, the PlayStation 1 discs had a capacity of 650 megabytes, implying massive games and strong visuals; despite this, we have seen games with quite broad regions that we recall. Riven was a PlayStation 1 game that required five discs.

The Very First Play station Game

It was called Motor Toon Grand Prix, and the “Poly” team made it. Polyphony digital was born as a result of Polyphony’s expanding popularity. Also responsible for the invention of the all-popular “Grand Turismo” that has grabbed the imagination of gamers today is the same team, “Poly.” That is one of the most entertaining Playstation facts.

The Game MGS Played With Our Minds On The Device

The brilliant Hideo Kojima is credited with the PlayStation 1’s popularity because of the fantastic espionage game Metal Gear Solid published in 1998. Many of the game’s fans were baffled by defeating Psycho Mantis, who can read your mind and hack your Playstation 1, since you would not be able to defeat him until you flip the device’s console and move it from the first to the second entrance.

The Audiophiles Gathered The Crowds

Audiophiles were the fundamental cause of the Playstation’s success. These were thought to be superior to high-end CD players, and consumers knew this. The price, on the other hand, was a genuine bargain. It was just a couple of dollars, which is why so many units were sold out on the first try.

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Make Your Own Video Game

Net Yaroze was first launched in 1997 by Sony. This was the programmable version, which allowed players to “build” their games. Many developers received their first “break” on the PlayStation platform, unsurprising. Mitrusu Kamiyana, for example, is the creator of “Terra Incognita,” which landed him a breakthrough role in the famed Final Fantasy series.

More Playstation Facts continue to astound the average user. The Playstation is among the most popular and successful game systems. Its one-of-a-kindness is its USP, and it continues to “fascinate the gamer” to this day.

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