PlayStation suggests buying Bluepoint (Demon’s Souls Remake) by mistake

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It has been online for a short time, long enough for users to realize that PlayStation Japan had uploaded a wrong image to its official Twitter account. The Japanese company has just announced the acquisition of Housemarque, the creators of Returnal on PS5. However, your social media account has initially uploaded an image with the logo from Bluepoint Games, the studio responsible for notable remasters and remakes, such as the recent Demon’s Souls.

The possible acquisition of Bluepoint Games by Sony It’s been rumored for a whileBut the Japanese giant has yet to announce anything in that direction. The lapse of PlayStation Japan indicates that the announcement may be imminent, although at the moment there is nothing official.

The relationship between PlayStation and Bluepoint Games is not new, as they have collaborated on several projects. They were in charge of developing the remake of Shadow of the Colossusas well as Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, an enhanced title from the original trilogy for PlayStation 4.

Housemarque is now part of PlayStation Studios

Sony Interactive Entertainment announced on the morning of June 29 the purchase of Housemarque, a studio known for its arcade-type video games. Those responsible for works such as Super Stardust HD, Nex Machina, Resogun or the recent Returnal will work from now on under the umbrella of PlayStation Studios. The amount that Sony has paid for the operation has not transcended, although both parties have been satisfied from the creative point of view.

Returnal went on sale last April exclusively for PS5. It is Housemarque’s most ambitious video game to date, a third person action title electric and demanding, mixing roguelike and metroidvania mechanics. And what will be next? It is still a mystery.

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