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Podemita Bustinduy’s sister received 17,500 euros from Foreign Affairs for three 70-page reports

Ana Bustinduy, sister of the former deputy of Podemos Paul bustinduy, has received 17.496 euros through a minor contract for three reports with a meager number of pages. OKDIARIO has had access, through the Transparency Portal, to one of them and has barely 70 pages.

The commission starts from Cabinet of the State Secretariat for International Cooperation (dry), a body that depends on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation. The object of the contract is “Technical Assistance to reinforce actions for the eradication of discrimination, violence and any violation of rights due to sexual orientation and identity and the empowerment of LGTBI people in the partner countries of the Spanish Cooperation.”

The sister of the one who was to be Podemos candidate for the European elections until he resigned was the only offer received by the Ministry for this work. The file shows that two other people were invited, but none of them transferred their financial proposal.

The contract was justified because «a weigh from that on Spain I know they have accomplished important advances on the last years on the protection from the Rights from the persons LGTBI, on Many from the countries where works the Cooperation Spanish follow being victims from violence and discrimination”. “The incorporation from the defending from the diversity sexual Come in the traits defining from the different slopes from the politics and the action exterior Spanish result especially necessary», They justify. The situation from “discrimination that the persons LGTBI suffer requires a attention special ”, they emphasize.

The ministry indicates that «the first product of said file was delivered in March 2021 and reviewed in the SECI during the month of April 2021 ». It’s about a Inventory of initiatives and Actions of thea Spanish Cooperation and the international context »in the matter, discrimination based on sexual orientation. They consider that this report is “an original and novel document” that details the actions that have been carried out within the Spanish Cooperation to be able to systematize information, extract lessons and be able to propose initiatives to based on the information already available.

On the other hand, Ana Bustinduy made others two reports: one for “measures and needs” and another for “projects based on the case of Peru.” On the other hand, it delivered a “proposal of associated indicators for the analysis of cooperation policies in this area.” All of this was delivered on August 11, so “as of today, they are in the final evaluation and review phase by the expert staff of the SECI and are not yet ready for distribution.” Therefore, the number of pages and their depth are unknown.

In the report that Foreign Affairs does disseminate, a compilation of estrategias, planes e initiatives and actions promoted since 2010 by the Spanish Cooperation in relation to eradication of discrimination, violence and any type of violation of rights for reasons orientation and sexual identity. “A manual filtering of projects” has been done in statistical data systems using “keywords” such as “LGBTI, transgender, transphobia, homophobia, lesbophobia, biphobia, identity, orientation, diversity, etc.”.

The Bustinduy report concludes that there is much progress to be made on this issue. “Fhigh a specific program of human rights defenders of people with identity from gender and orientation sexual different and a bottom dedicated a Projects with organizations representing their rights “, they comment. Therefore, a document has been prepared with concrete measures for Spanish Cooperation in matters of sexual diversity.

The ministry, on the other hand, stresses that “it is necessary to emphasize that the reports requested by the General Administration of the State are reports of independent experts that suppose inputs for the design, monitoring and evaluation of public policies without, in any case suppose that the General State Administration share partially or totally the content thereof”.

It should be remembered that this week the Coalition Executive of PSOE and Podemos has just created a new position of ambassador in Special Mission for Feminist Foreign Policy. In this way, Pedro Sánchez intends for Spain to be a reference in applying foreign policies with a marked feminist character and in defense of the LGTB collective.

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