Podemos and leftist alliance Sumar agree to run jointly in Spain’s snap election

Pablo Iglesias, the former leader and founder of Podemos, has voiced concerns about the “vetoes” that have been raised since the formation of Yolanda Diaz to important figures of the purple formation. In particular, he has warned about the potential electoral damage caused by the veto of Irene Montero.

When asked if he definitively ruled out Irene Montero from Sumar’s electoral lists, he was cautious about the final decision and warned the new political space. He stated, “We have to wait. It is very difficult for me to separate the personal from the political, and I have seen Irene suffer a lot. At the political level, the veto is a terrible mistake, and it can do electoral damage to a political space to prevent the PP and Vox from governing.”

He also pointed out the lack of opinion on the matter from people close to his environment, such as those who share a private life with Irene. He noted, “Eloquent messages and silences have arrived. Irene has received messages of support, and people who have come to be on vacation with us and with the children, it has transmitted a silence that means shame.”

Iglesias continued to delve into the question of “vetoes” among the same political space, stating, “It is not bad only for Podemos but for the space’s own electoral expectations. Internationally, people from both Europe and Latin America are saying: what is this? Regarding Irene, logically, like any woman, they are going to attack her. It is normal for the right to try to unbalance her from her position. But for your own colleagues to say that… if that happens on the left, it is unethical.”

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Finally, he warned about the “right,” stating, “The objective of this decision is evident. If Irene Montero is there, you will have all the leaders of the extreme right attacking. Is Marchena’s movements lately casual? If you act like this, you are going to give victory to the mafia.”

In conclusion, Pablo Iglesias has expressed his concerns about the potential damage caused by the veto of Irene Montero. He highlights that such a decision not only harms Podemos but also damages the wider left-wing electoral space. Iglesias warns that the right will attack Montero if she is present, and he urges caution to avoid giving victory to the extreme right.

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