Pokémon Arceus Legends: Hisui and Kanto’s Voltorb, how are they different?

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Pokémon Legends: Arceus has everything ready to take us to an ancient region of Sinnoh, known centuries ago as Hisui, to exploit, research and create the first Pokédex in the Pokémon world. After learning that Game Freak’s action RPG will not be an open world – it will bet on large explorable open areas, Monster Hunter style – The Pokémon Company has now presented a new regional form, Voltorb de Hisui, which is nothing but the variant of this species with different weight, height, elemental types, abilities and movements. Let’s know all about Hisui Voltorb and how it differs from Kanto’s Voltorb.

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Hisui Voltorb will be Electric and Plant type

Hisui Voltorb will not be a type only Electric, like Kanto’s Voltorb, but we are talking about a Pokémon species of type Electric Y Plant. This raises fundamental differences in the biological nature of both creatures, since this variant of Hisui will be weak x2 to Poison, Bug, Fire and Ice, while it will be resistant to Steel, Water and Grass.

It is 0.5 meters high and weighs 13 kg (in images we have come to see that it can have different sizes), with a spherical, glossy body with wood texture. In addition, in its upper area it presents a hole very similar to that of Hisui Poké Balls, which work through steam. “Apparently he has lots of seeds inside that he sometimes drops through the hole in his head. However, no one knows what the inside of the Pokémon looks like, since when you look through the hole, there is complete darkness. Even if you look through it, you can see absolutely nothing “, reads the official description.

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When excited, Hisui’s Voltorb emits electric shocks through the hole in his head; It is capable of electrocuting Pokémon and humans around it. “It is very common to hear stories of people who cover the hole in his head and throw him out of the settlement without regard.” Because of how uncomfortable it can be in such settlements.

We do not know at this time if Hisui Voltorb will evolve to Electrode, Hisui Electrode or if he will not be able to evolve.

Kanto Voltorb, lighter and very fast

One of the fundamental characteristics of the Voltorb that we have known all our lives is that it is very fast, a ball Pokémon capable of camouflaging itself as a Poké Ball and that, with the slightest stimulus, will self-destruct. It stands 0.5 meters tall and weighs 10.4 kg, with abilities such as Soundproofing or Static Electricity.

Gender has always been unknown in the eight generations to date, while its fundamental weakness, being of the Electric type, is the Earth. Generally, as explained in the Pokédex of the main video games, it usually lives in power plants and, according to researcher studies, it was discovered when the Poké Balls were created, although its relationship with them cannot be determined exactly.

Legends Pokémon Arceus will have, new creatures and regional forms

Pokémon Legends Arceus will introduce new regional variants and totally new species. For example, Wyrdeer (evolution of Stantler in Hisui) to travel the places of Hisui as if it were a terrestrial mount; Togglegion (evolution of Basculin in Hisui) to surf the waters; Braviary de Hisui to be able to fly; Zorua and Zoroark from Hisui and Growlithe de Hisui.

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Pokémon Legends: Arceus will debut in physical and digital format on January 28, 2022 en Nintendo Switch.

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