Pokémon GO: guide for Community Day July 2021 (Tepig)

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Pokémon GO July 2021 Community Day is here. A hot summer is coming, but also full of content for Niantic’s game on iOS and Android, which will celebrate its fifth anniversary in a big way with a very special Pokémon GO Fest 2021. There are things that do not change, however, such as our Community Day guide, which this month has as its main protagonist Tepig, the Fire-type initial of the region of Teselia. We review the date, time and recommendations of the long awaited Community Day.

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Community Day July 2021 (Tepig) | Date, time and bonus

Pokémon GO July 2021 Community Day takes place this Saturday, July 3, 2021 from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., local time. As has been customary for more than a year now, there will be six hours that we can choose to enter the community event par excellence in the game. This allows us to participate on more than one occasion or simply choose the time that suits us best.

During the event period we will see Tepigthe Generation V Fire Pig Pokémon, much more frequently in the wild; and yes we may find it fit shiny/variocolor, the great goal of all. A special feature of Community Days is that the final evolution of the chosen Pokémon has a unique special move; in this case, Emboar will learn Fiery Ring (Fire type). For this, it will be enough that we evolve to Pignite —Intermediate phase of the evolutionary chain of Tepig— during the hours of the event or up to two hours after it ends (7:00 p.m.).

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A Community Day is also synonymous with bonus. In this case, the Community Day of July 2021 will have x3 in Stardust for each capture, active incenses for three hours (180 minutes) and Bait Modules three hours long, highly recommended if you find a shadow in a PokéStop and you do not plan to move much from there. Finally, we remember that it will be available in the Store on Special Community Day Pack for 1280 Pokécoins, which will include 50 Ultra Balls, five Incense, five Star Chunks, and a Charged Attack Elite TM. Also, for one dollar we will unlock the exclusive special investigation story of the Tepig Community Day “Roasted berries“.

Recommendations for Community Day July 2021

As we usually do in our guides Pokémon GO Community Day, this time our advice They spend first of all because you choose hours in which it is not very hot in your surroundings. Shadows, precautions of all kinds; including social distancing. That said, we recommend that you take all the possible objects during the days prior to the celebration of Community Day, because that way you will not miss Poké Ball, or other useful objects like Berries, etc.

What’s more, We recommend that you release a sufficient number of Pokémon so that your Pokémon Bag does not fill up. Base, prioritize Ultra Ball, which are the most effective, but do not discard those of any kind; This time it is especially important not to go short of Poké Ball, since if we cannot see ourselves in the situation of not having with what to catch a possible shiny Tepig, and that we do not want to happen.

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We also recommend that you have incense, which will serve to attract a greater number of Pokémon within your reach, especially if you plan to spend time at home; and that you have so much Baya Pinia What Silver pineapple berry to receive more candy than normal per catch. This will make the evolution task easier if you are going to evolve many Tepig this July 3. If a fight is complicated, Baya Frambu O Baya Frambu Dorada, which will ostensibly facilitate the task of catching the Pokémon. It is not worth taking the risk if a shiny / variocolor appears.

On the other hand, we recommend that if you capture a Tepig with good IVs (here we explain how to calculate IVs with the new rating system), you immediately put it as your partner so that it can earn candy and friendship when walking. If you are also in the process of raising your experience points, a Lucky Egg as soon as you start your participation in Community Day this July will be a guarantee of success. Do not forget to take the Free Daily Pack and take advantage of all the bonuses activated as standard in the hours that this Community Day lasts

Good luck in your search for a great shiny Tepig Full IVs capable of becoming a brand new Emboar with Igneous Ring.


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