Pokémon GO: how to defeat Giovanni in November 2021; best counters

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Giovanni is back in Pokémon GO temporarily too during this month of November 2021. The leader of Team GO Rocket has returned to the video game for iOS and Android accompanied by new dark Pokémon. Following the legendary birds of the Kanto region (Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres) and later Ho-Oh dark, Starting this November 9 and on the occasion of the Season of Mischief we have the return of Giovanni with Dark Lugia. In order to help you find it and end it, in this article we review all the details, dates, equipment that we can find and the best counters to combat them.

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Giovanni in Pokémon GO: how long will he be in the game?

From November 9, 2021, Pokémon GO marks the return of the leader of Team GO Rocket and his recruits with new dark Pokémon, including the leaders Cliff, Sierra and Arlo, whose previous confrontation is essential in order to find Giovanni. Your chosen legendary will depend on the month we are in. Also, if we defeat him we will have guaranteed a meeting with the Legendary Dark Pokémon active. From this November 9 the chosen one is Dark Lugia, but it has not been communicated when they will leave or when the team will be changed.

  • November 2021: Dark Lugia

How to find Giovanni: Super Radar Rocket

Without a Super Radar Rocket we can’t face Giovanni. That is why the research Misunderstood Mischief It is so important, because its phases 15 and 16 are mandatory to obtain this important item and then challenge the leader of Team GO First we have to face Arlo, Cliff and Sierra, whose individual rewards are 1250 XP (3750 XP) plus an additional reward of 2500 XP, 1000 Stardust and the long-awaited Super Radar Rocket, the object that they give us when we defeat the trio of recruits.

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Once the Super Radar Rocket is activated, we must remember that the confrontation against Giovanni is limited to specific hours and in specific places, the Poképaradas. Finally comes the great challenge, which is the step where we will find Giovanni, we will challenge him and, with a good strategy, we will defeat him. The rewards are interesting: 5 Maximum Potions for finding it, 20 Ultra Ball for challenging it and 5 Maximum Revive if we defeat it. Add to that 3000 XP, 1 MT fast attack and 1 MT charged attack.

New Missions Misunderstood Missions (Season of Mischief)

Phase 15 of 16:

  • Defeat 5 Team GO Rocket recruits: a Radar Rocket.
  • Defeat 3 leaders of Team GO Rocket: 1 Super Radar Rocket.
  • Defeat Giovanni: 1 Lucky Egg.

Rewards: encounter with Absol, 40 Houndoom Mega Energy; 2 Golden Frambu Berry.

Phase 16 of 16:

  • Claim your reward: 2000 XP.
  • Claim your reward: 2000 XP.
  • Claim your reward: 2000 XP.

Rewards: encounter with Dusknoir, 20 Hoopa Candies, 1 Star Piece.

Best counters to beat Giovanni [noviembre de 2021]

The confrontation consists of three matches, as always. The first is always Persian, an old acquaintance of the Kanto generation who will not present us with many difficulties. The second will vary depending on three options: Rhyperior, Kingler and Nidoking. The third and last, this June, is Dark Lugia.

First Pokémon to fight Giovanni

  • Persian: his best counters are Machamp, Hariyama and Lucario. Three fighting-type Pokémon, super effective against Persian and with high attack stats. It is recommended not to consume the charged attack in this confrontation; It tends to fall very quickly, better to reserve it for later. As a general rule, moves like Counterattack and Aural Sphere for Lucario, Dynamic Fist for Machamp, and Right Wave for Conkeldurr, are the best options for your main move.
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Second Pokémon in the battle against Giovanni

  • Rhyperior: weak to many types, does not present many difficulties. Weak x4 to Water and Grass, added to weakness to Fight, Earth, Steel and Ice, these are the movements that we must prioritize (it is of the Earth / Rock type). The problem with Rhyperior is that he is very powerful, especially if he uses Earthquake or Sharp Rock. For the rest, we recommend attacking him with Kingler with Bubble and Hammer; Kyogre with Waterfall and Hydropump or Surf; Roserade with Sharp Blade and Solar Ray; o Rillaboom with Sharp Blade and Grass Lasso.
  • Nidoking: In this case, Nidoking is a Pokémon vulnerable to Water, Earth, Ice and Psychic, so any of the mentioned types are an effective solution, especially if we use a Mewtwo with Confusion or Psychocut plus Mindwave in the charge. Other interesting counters are Excadrill with Mud Shot and Earthquake, or Delphox with Zen Headbutt and Psychic.
  • Kingler– An old veteran of the Pokémon universe. Weak to Grass and Electric x4, there is no doubt what moves we have to use to finish off this Kanto creature. You have to be cautious when facing their Hammer or Hydropulse; otherwise, it is not difficult to kill him if we use Zekrom with Charge Lightning and cruel Volt, Thundurus with Volt change and Lightning or Deoxys in Attack form with Charge Lightning and Lightning. It is also not a bad option to recover Roserade and use Sharp Blade and Rainleaf.

Third Pokémon in the battle against Giovanni: Dark Lugia

Dark Lugia is the new third Pokémon for Giovanni’s team during this month of November 2021. As reported by Niantic, from Tuesday, November 9, 2021 at 00:00 and until further notice, we will have dark Lugia accompanied by the investigation A Misinterpreted Mischief (Mischief Season), which ends this December 31; although surely Team GO Rocket rotates your team much earlier.

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We are facing a Pokémon of type Psychic and Flying, weak to the following types: Rock, Ghost, Electric, Ice, and Sinister. With these conditions, our strategy should turn, in the first place, to avoid using weak Pokémon to Flying and Psychic type attacks; especially if he uses Premonition or Airstrike. It is also very important to resist your Hydropumps. Lugia is not an easy Pokémon to defeat. These are the counters that we recommend.

  • Darmanitan with Ice Fang and Avalanche
  • Chandelure with Misfortune and Shadow Ball
  • Gengar with Lick and Shadow Ball
  • Thundurus with Voltiochange and Lightning
  • Zekrom with Charge Lightning and Cruel Volt
  • Rampardos with Antiaircraft and Avalanche


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