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Pokémon GO: how to find and capture Ditto [2021]

Pokémon GO faces the final stretch of 2021 with the start of a new season, the Season of Mischief. Many changes, rotations, news await us in the Eggs and in the Pokémon that we can get in each hemisphere; including Hoopa’s debut in Niantic’s game for iOS and Android. This time too change the Pokémon it can evolve into Ditto, one of the most particular creatures in the history of the saga, which can be reproduced in a multitude of Pokémon.

How to find and capture Ditto in Pokémon GO?

Given its ability to transform into other species in the Pokédex, finding Ditto in the game is not exactly easy because it is always transformed; that is, we will never initially see him as Ditto but in one of the Pokémon he is capable of imitating. Luckily, now its appearance rate is slightly higher than years ago, but if we do not know what species it transforms into, we will not be able to anticipate its possible encounter.

What Pokémon can be Ditto currently (2021)?

It should be said that the list that we will leave you below responds to the current date, from September 2021, so in a few months – or whenever the rotation occurs – we will update the article so that it is always up to date. In this way, you may meet a Stunky, a Drowzee or a Teddiursa and when you capture it, you will see that it turns into Ditto.

It is important to always keep in mind the following names so as not to go unnoticed, what if in fact a Ditto? Right now (2021), they are 9 The Pokémon that can really be a Ditto:

  • Gastly
  • Drowzee
  • Teddiursa
  • Remoraid
  • Gulpin
  • give name
  • Stunky
  • Dwebble
  • Foongus

Some frequent doubts are if Ditto can appear in eggs. the answer is no, we cannot obtain this creature through hatching from an egg, it cannot be raised.

Invite your friends to raids and enjoy PokéStops from a distance

Two of the latest great novelties of Pokémon GO come from the possibility of inviting friends to remote raids. As we told you in the news, from now on it will be enough to open the game, go to a raid (or use a Remote Raid Pass if it is very far) and we will see the option to invite our friends. We select who we want to join the challenge and they will receive a notification.

Since this August, Pokémon GO has modified the distance of the Poképaradas after continuous complaints from the player community. After the intention of reducing the range to turn a Photodisk to 40 meters —pre-pandemic distance— instead of the 80 meters established during the pandemic, those demanded 80 meters will finally be maintained: “From now on, the 80 meters will be the basis of interaction radius for PokéStops and Gyms globally. Thank you all for making your voices resound. We have always listened to you and we understand that this has been a welcome benefit for many players. We will share more about it next week. “


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