Pokémon GO – Incense Day Event with Swinub and more Earth and Ice type Pokémon

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Pokémon GO kicks off the Legacy Season this December 1. After the Season of Mischief, the Niantic title for iOS and Android begins a new quarterly phase with new thematic events, legendary, raid boss rotations and the next Pokémon GO Tour: Leadership. The first of those special events will be the Incense Day, which already has a date and details. It will be then that we can aspire to Swinub and other Pokémon attracted to it Incense. Let’s know all the characteristics of the event.

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Incense Day December 2021 in Pokémon GO: date and characteristics

Incense Day will begin this Sunday, December 5, 2021 at 11:00 and will end at 17:00 (local time). A total of six special hours to help the Profesor Willow to know some enigmatic ruins that he has just discovered. In them “has found an even more mysterious door“In which, behind its lock, apparently a”extraordinary strength”.

What we do know is that Blanche has concluded that to open that door it will take a massive amount of Stardust and the help of Ice and Ground-type Pokémon. It will be necessary for us to catch many Pokémon of these elemental types to help them.

  • Incense Day Featured Pokémon: Swinub. It may come out shiny / variocolor.
  • Exclusive movement: if we evolve to Piloswine we will get a Mamoswine with Past power (45 power with the possibility of increasing the user’s attack and defense. In Gyms and Raids it will have 70 power.
  • Event Bonus: Exclusive Field Research and Item Bundle in the Shop for 1 PokéCoin.
  • Incense Featured Encounters: Type Ice: Seel *, Jynx *, Sneasel *, Snorunt *, Snover * and Vanillite. Too Darumaka de Galar with low probability. (with an asterisk, those that can be shiny)
  • Incense Featured Encounters: Type Land: Onix *, Cubone *, Rhyhorn *, Wooper *, Phanpy, Barboach *. Also Larvitar * with low probability.
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