Pokémon GO: leaked Calyrex and more from Galar; there will be improvements in Poképaradas

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Pokémon GO will experience changes and improvements In the next weeks. The version 0.217.0 of the game, already available from the Google Play Store for Android devices, includes in its code some of the modifications that will be established soon in the title, as the already known PokéMiners, in charge of mining information from Niantic’s work.

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The PokéStops of Pokémon GO will have levels and missions to improve them

We start with the most interesting: Poképaradas. To date, unlike Pokémon Gyms, our relationship with PokéStops was quite passive. We would arrive, turn them around and collect the objects that might appear. Now, Niantic plans a system of levels, rewards, missions to make improvements and new assets, so we can also expect changes on an aesthetic level.

This approach to the Gyms improvement system, which we can defend by hosting Pokémon depending on the team we belong to (Valor, Wisdom, Instinct), will take the PokéStops chosen for this update one step further.

  • Each PokéStop will have four levels, based on a specified number of points.
  • We can scan a PokéStop to improve it; that will award points.
  • We can monitor the progress of the Poképaradas with a detailed ring. The more closed, the more progress.
  • Once we level up a PokéStop we will receive rewards.
  • The higher the level in the PokéStops, the more Pokémon will appear and the better objects we will receive; for example, extra Poké Ball for raids.
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We recall that Niantic will eliminate all bonuses initiated during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has generated great anger and discontent on the part of the user community, given that the advantages of playing from home end and, consequently, the The only alternative will be to go out on the street again.

New Galar Pokémon: Calyrex, Eternatus, and Urshifu

We already knew that the Galar region is on the way in Pokémon GO; We saw it with the news of Ultrabonus Part 3. Now it is specified a little more which creatures we can see within the category of Legendary, singular and with more power than usual: Calyrex, Eternatus and Urshifu are the names that appear, among others. Presumably, all of them are reserved for events, raids, etc.

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