Pokémon Go prepares to scrap the changes it brought in the pandemic

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Niantic is preparing to undo the changes it made to Pokémon Go last year due to the pandemic. However, it intends to make at least one of these changes permanent in the game.

In the blog post developer; announced that it will bring back features such as exploring, exercising, and playing with friends. Changes will be made after the Pokémon Go Festival in the US and New Zealand. Then it will gradually spread all over the world.

There will be increased activity (event will continue to increase while moving) and daily rewards from Buddy Pokémon (which will continue to happen, but the rate will decrease) while the removed modifications remain standing. The distances at which players can interact with PokeStops and Gyms will also return to normal. There will also be some changes to remote raids. While Niantic hasn’t announced these yet, it looks like EX Raids will return.

On the positive side, the walking requirement for the Go Battle League, summoning trainers to the challenge, gifts, and the 3x Stardust and XP that come with the first Pokémon will be permanent.

Niantic also announced that there will be new bonuses for playing outside. These include two free Raid Passes daily from Gyms, increased activity on the move, and gifts from PokeStops. There will also be a 10x XP bonus the first time a PokeStop is found. These bonuses are scheduled to expire on September 1 in the US and New Zealand. However, some may be permanent.

“We’re going to do this incrementally to ensure that people around the world can play with confidence.” Niantic continued, “As we return to the outside world, these changes will also mean a return to the era when Pokémon GO increased movement and exploration. The changes we will make will be introduced slowly and carefully and will make the outside world more attractive to you.”

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Niantic’in Pokémon Go Festivali, Between 17 and 18 July will happen. Anyone from all over the world can participate remotely for $5. This year’s event will feature a musical celebration and a mythological Pokémon. There will also be special avatars and rewards. It is useful to remind us; The game’s best year has been 2020 due to the changes it has made.

News by Rebekah Valentine.

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