Pokémon GO: Shinx, star of November’s Community Day; date and details

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The month of November will be dyed by Sinnoh in the Pokémon universe. Niantic has confirmed that Shinx will be the protagonist Pokémon of the Pokémon GO Community Day in the eleventh Community Day of the year; which will also be the penultimate.

The Generation IV Pokémon Flash, which we met in the Pokémon Pearl and Diamond region (we are only a few weeks away from the premiere of its remakes on Nintendo Switch) will be the great center of the spotlight during the chosen day. And yes, it will give us a chance to get a Luxray with exclusive event attack. Let’s get to know the exact date, hours of celebration and all the details of the most loved monthly meeting of the iOS and Android game.

November Community Day date, time and characteristics – Shinx

The Community Day of November 2021 will take place next Sunday, November 21, 2021 from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. local timeAs always during the last two years, six hours long so that we can choose the right moment or moments to play depending on our location. In the northern hemisphere it will already be the end of November, just two days after the premiere of Pokémon Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl, so it is to be expected that it will be quite cold during the mornings.

Throughout those six hours we will have a multitude of Shinx appearing more frequently in wild state with the possibility that they come out in shape shiny/variocolor. Apart from the Pokémon Flash, it should be noted that we will have special bonuses of the event, a special research story called Flash, Spark and Spark Eyes and a special move for Luxray.

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Luxray will learn the exclusive Psychofang move

If we evolve our Shinx to Luxio (Shinx evolution) during the event or up to two hours after it ends (19:00 local time) we can get Luxray to know the charged attack Psicocolmillo. It is a charged Psychic-type move with the ability to reduce the defense of the Pokémon it faces; it will also be super effective against Fighting and Poison types. Power 40 in Trainer Battles and Power 30 in Gyms and Raids.

  • Shinx -> 25 caramelos -> Luxio -> 100 caramelos -> Luxray

On the other hand, for 1 USD (or the equivalent price in each local currency), it will be possible to access the exclusive special investigation story of Shinx Community Day: Flash, Spark and Spark Eyes.

November 2021 Community Day Bonus on Pokémon GO

During November 21 we will have these special bonuses on the occasion of Community Day, only during the six-hour period of the event. There will be two additional bonuses compared to normal:

  1. Fourth of distance to hatch required when Eggs are placed in an incubator.
  2. Incense activated during the event will last three hours.
  3. Bait Modules activated during the event will last three hours
  4. Surprises for taking snapshots during Community Day
  5. Triple Candy per transfer
  6. Quadruple chances to win Candy ++ when transferring Pokémon

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