Pokémon Legends Arceus: How are the Alpha and Stately Pokémon different?

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The Pokémon Company offered this Tuesday, September 28, a new trailer for Pokémon Arceus Legends focused on mounts, new game mechanics, facilities, customization, characters and the player’s own adventure during his investigations by Hisui. Among all the confirmed novelties, the confirmation of two new Pokémon creatures stood out, the Pokémon alfas and the Stately Pokémon. In order for you to understand their individual characteristics well, we explain what they are and how they differ.

Our mission at Pokémon Arceus Legends is to complete the first Pokédex to date. We go back to a time long, long before the original works; when not even Sinnoh, which is where these installments are based, existed as such with the landscapes we saw in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. At that time it was the Hisui region, with large open environments in which we will find wild Pokémon, crafting items and missions in the form of orders (main) and orders (secondary). Some kind of expeditions with your base camp. Alpha Pokémon and Stately Pokémon will take center stage in the investigations.

What are the Alpha Pokémon of Pokémon Legends Arceus?

The Pokémon alfas will be species larger than normal with bright red eyes. If they see us (we have to be cautious and opt for stealth mechanics) they will go after us and attack us as soon as they see us. It’s about Pokémon more powerful than normal; luckily if we defeat them we will get rare objects. In case of capturing them we will have new allies with (presumably) better characteristics.

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What are the stately Pokémon of Pokémon Legends Arceus?

Similarly, in the Hisui region we find some special Pokémon with a mysterious gift, the Stately Pokémon. According to legend, these types of Pokémon are especially strong and can help the people of the region; either to maintain ecosystems or to facilitate specific tasks. The mounts of Wyrdeer (land), Basculegion (water) and Braviary de Hisui (air) will be key to moving at a higher speed on the surface, doing the traditional surfing and flying, respectively.

Not all will serve as Pokémontura, but some of these stately Pokémon are, for some reason, enraged. Our task as members of Team Galaxia is to appease, calm, and ultimately control them. The investigation division is in charge of studying these events. One of the enraged manor Pokémon that we saw in the trailer for this September 28 is Kleavor (Scyther evolution in Hisui; Bug / Rock type and ax arms).

Kleavor will appear somewhere in the Prairie Obsidian —One of the Hisui territories— with a size above normal and a special shine. Defeating him in combat will not be enough to calm him down.

What the battles against stately Pokémon will be like and how to calm them down

The confrontations against enraged stately Pokémon will have two main stages. The first, when the Pokémon does not enter reasons and tries to hit us constantly. This is how it will begin a combat based on agility, dodge their attacks and launch calmaspheres. This item, the calmasphere, is the key to calming the Pokémon … but it will have to be a special calmasphere, made with the favorite food of each type of Pokémon.

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As soon as we have the opportunity, avoiding all their movements, we have to launch a calmasphere. By reducing its resistance / enrage bar to a minimum, we can launch a Poké Ball with one of our Pokémon to start the traditional turn-based combat itself.

The calmasphere launch mechanic is as we see in the image. We select the chosen calmasphere (in this case of the Forest type, the one compatible with Kleavor), we aim by holding down ZL and launch when we have the opportunity.

Legends Pokémon Arceus: what it means for the saga

The announcement of Pokémon Legends Arceus caught us all by surprise last February. The celebration of the series’ 25th anniversary will not be celebrated in any way, but with a new playable approach that will allow us to know the saga of Game Freak’s pocket creatures in ways never seen before. And yes, they are developed by Game Freak, authors of the license and top contributors to its success. These editions, action RPG adventures single player, were created to “go beyond what has been seen so far in the main Pokémon series.” We will find traditional mechanics and others typical of turn-based action games.

That is why his proposal is based on discovering a huge region of Hisui where we have to create the first Pokédex and discover the mysteries that are involved in Mount Corona, that huge mountain that we have seen in the trailers and that has a fundamental role both in the lore of the region as in the history of the original games itself. This is where some of the most memorable moments in all of Sinnoh are original.

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On a mechanical level, Pokémon Legends: Arceus will allow us catch wild Pokémon in real time; we will have to study their behavior, approach without making noise and, finally, throw the Poké Ball. We will also have turn-based fighting, as we have always known them.

According to the official video game portal, we will have to travel to a Sinnoh region from “many years ago”, we do not know how many, for “capture, explore and investigate”The region with wild Pokémon, mysteries and somewhat archaic resources to create the first Pokédex.

We do not say this by chance, since once the Poké Ball they were built differently than we do today. “They were made of wood and they gave off steam from the top when catching a Pokémon. ”.

For those wondering, in Pokémon Legends Arceus We can choose one of the following initial Pokémon: Rowlet (Plant, Generation VII); Cyndaquil (Fire, Generation II) u Oshawott (Water, Generation V). Which one will you choose?

Pokémon Legends Arceus will go on sale on January 28, 2022 exclusively for Nintendo Switch; It will be available in physical and digital format via eShop.

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