Pokémon Shiny Diamond and Shimmering Pearl, rediscovering the mythical Sinnoh

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The fourth generation of Pokémon it is not just any. We are talking about the beginning of the era of the double screen, the first where the Internet had something to say in a fundamental pillar of the license: communication. Sinnoh is not just any region either. The archipelago that gave birth to the god of Pokémon, Arceus, and where some of the most momentous events in the universe are narrated, which is now celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary. Where we first dive underground. Where trading Pokémon with people thousands of miles away became a reality. It’s funny but They were Diamond and pearl the deliveries that established a very concrete language that future generations would later drink. It is no coincidence that this is where the long-awaited Pokémon Legends Arceus takes place.

Almost fifteen years have passed since then. Pokémon has evolved; we also. The young teenagers who took advantage of the bus trips back home to play, the ones who turned on our Nintendo DS with a smile on our face knowing that a new generation was beginning, Now we see those same shop windows at Palkia and Dialga and we imagine, hopelessly adults, our self from then. We are still us, Sinnoh wants us to come back one more time.

This November 19 we will have the opportunity to rediscover two defining episodes, not only for the Game Freak saga, which chose the name Sinnoh (mystery in Japanese) in reference to the amount of secrets that make up this beautiful place, but surely also determining factors for ourselves as followers of the series. We have grown, but Professor Serbal will continue to wait for us; Team Galaxia will once again know a global threat and we will listen to that exalted sound repertoire again. Chimchar, Turtwig O Piplup, that is the question. Touch to put the scarf back on: Cintia awaits us at the end of Victoria Street.

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The pleasure of walking around Sinnoh again; a new journey, a familiar territory

If there is something that Pokémon Diamond and Pearl made clear to us is that its region, Sinnoh, it was the most complete and varied to date on Game Freak. Its creators, led by Junichi Masuda, came to refer to these installments as the consummation of the idea born twenty-five years ago. It is impossible not to remember the lakes; the ascent to Monte Corona; our first visit to Jubileo TV; the music of the Route 209 with its two towers. The region where they take place all kinds of ecosystems returns renewed on Nintendo Switch.

Over the past few months, from the moment Pokémon Shiny Diamond and Shimmering Pearl were announced, we have known aspects that invite you to want to revisit these editions, now benefited by the technological benefits of the hybrid console and the quality of life details that we have seen during the most recent deliveries. There are two aspects, however, that we must emphasize above the rest. Because they can change the way we live the Sinnoh adventure and can greatly lengthen our playing hours.

What has changed? What’s new on the surface and underground

I respect It is surely the first thing that stands out in the graphic section chosen for Pokémon Shiny Diamond and Shining Pearl. An improved 3D recreation for an originally 2D world, but keeping the camera position and the arrangement of absolutely everything. The size of the cities, the distance between the houses, the volume of tall grass … It’s Sinnoh, the DNA remains. Now in high definition, with more details in lighting and character modeling. On the big screen from your TV or in laptop mode, like in the old days. Full color fidelity, And the main Pokémon follows us at all times during the adventure!

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The revolution comes down there, in the subsoil, where the Underground Grottoes They change everything, as we explain in this article. What was once an underground mine in which finding objects and interacting with other characters becomes a completely reimagined, expanded and improved region 2.0. It will be here where we receive the Explorer Kit to visit different biomes (lagoons, volcanic passages, frozen areas, forests …), find fossils, carry out activities such as treasure hunts with our friends in multiplayer mode or where we build our own Secret Base. The best comes from the hand of the Pokédex. It is here where visible Pokémon will appear in the environment and where we will find unprecedented species in traditional Sinnoh. A visit that will last dozens of hours and will remind us that we are here to «get us all».

If to this we add the unrecognizable Galas Supercontest, It seems that Sinnoh’s most popular leisure activities want us to show more talent than ever before our artistic skills on stage. The personalization It will be key in Pokémon Diamond and Shiny and Shimmering Pearl. A multitude of options to dress our Trainer or Trainer, as well as our Pokémon in Super Contests, complemented by greater facilities to enter the adventure; designed for veterans and newcomers. ILCA and Game Freak have taken note of the past and will make it matter whether or not we played Diamond and Pearl back in the day, with easy-to-understand mechanics for all types of players and without giving up the essence that made them a myth. It’s time to get your one-way ticket to the biggest and most likely Sinnoh to date.

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Pokémon Shiny Diamond and Shimmering Pearl hit stores in physical and digital format this November 19, 2021 for Nintendo Switch.


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