Pokémon: The anime ‘Pokémon Travel’ already has a premiere date on Netflix

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The Pokémon Company has announced that Netflix will offer the season 23 from Pokémon, Pokémon Travel, in full as of this July 1, 2021. Lovers of the Pokémon animated series who have followed Ash’s adventures during the seasons of Sun and moon they will be able to continue the plot in just a few days from any device as long as we are subscribed to the service.

Total, Pokémon Travel It consists of two seasons, 23 and 24 (Master Travels), which is currently on air in Japan. We will be able to access the 48 episodes of season 23 in full Spanish starting this July 1 and thus begin the journey of Ash and Goh, the new co-star, throughout the Pokémon world. Watch Ash seize an exciting opportunity to research Pokémon with his new friend Goh. Together, the duo travels from Kanto to Galar visiting all the central regions of the Pokémon world along the way. “

Pokémon Travel has 48 episodes; on Netflix July 1

One of the peculiarities of this season is that it is not based on a specific region. In this case, being the anime of the eighth generation, the logical thing would have been to think that it was going to be set in Galar, but this time it is a trip around the Pokémon world discovered to date.

On Pokémon Travel New characters, adventures, members of Ash’s team await us and the same purpose as always: to become Pokémon Masters. “In the Pokémon Travel series, Ash leaves the Alola region with a new plan in mind: to travel the world! Ash will travel with his new friend Goh, another boy with a boundless curiosity for Pokémon. “

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Both, determined to become Masters, aspire to capture all possible Pokémon, including Mew, in an adventure with an approach somewhat different from what we were used to in anime and an animation style that fans seem to be liking a lot.

For the rest, it should be remembered that the last three seasons (20, 21 and 22) of Sun and moon can currently be seen in Spain through NETFLIX.

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