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Pokémon Unite already has a date on iOS and Android mobile devices

Pokémon Unite already has a date on iOS and Android mobile devices

A Pokémon League of Legends? That is precisely the premise of Pokémon Unite, the new title free-to-play from The Pokémon Company and TiMi Studios. Like the Riot Games video game, it is a product of the MOBA genre. Nintendo decided to launch it first on Nintendo Switch, although it announced that it would later reach mobile devices. We knew that the launch would occur in September, but we did not know the exact day, until now. In the Pokémon Presents it has been revealed that it will be from September 22.

Like the Kyoto hybrid version, the game can be downloaded completely free of charge. As we said, Pokémon Unite works under the business model free-to-play, which means that playing is free, although it includes microtransactions. In the official trailer, available just below these lines, it is also reported that those who pre-register they will have a chance to earn rewards.

It all depends on the booking figures

“If 2,500,000 reservations are made in total, players will receive the Unite license (Unite license) from Pikachu. And if the sum reaches 5,000,000 reserves, they will receive the special Holowear (holoatuit) of Pikachu Matsuri”, They advance on the official website. Once those numbers are reached, users will have a chance to get hold of those items by logging in before October 31st. “Players who already have the Pikachu Unite license will receive Aeos coins instead.”

Pokémon Unite will soon incorporate two more creatures. Is about Mamoswine and Sylveon, so they will soon be able to join our squad to unleash all their powers against rivals. Another of the mysteries that have been solved is what will happen to Zeraora in the mobile version. If you have it on Nintendo Switch, by “linking the same account to both versions you can use Zeraora” also in the mobile version.

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