Pokémon Unite confirms its release date on Nintendo Switch and mobiles

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It was already known that Pokémon Unite was going to launch this year, but no specific date had yet been revealed. Up to now. Nintendo has announced that the MOBA developed by TiMi Studios will be available from next July 21 on Nintendo Switch. In this way, players will have the opportunity to access this free-to-play (free, but with microtransactions) from the Nintendo eShop.

The title is also intended for iOS and Android mobile devices, but those in Kyoto have reported that its launch will take a little longer, since it is scheduled for month of September. Pokémon Unite is opting for the strategy genre, which will take on teams of players made up of squads of five against five.

Get Zeraora for free

To celebrate the launch of the video game, Nintendo will give away the Pokémon Zeraora, but only to all those who log in before August 31, 2021. At the moment, the promotion is available only on Nintendo Switch, but from social networks they warn that mobile players will also be able to get hold of it when the time is right. This mythical electric-type creature is “as fast as lightning,” as well as especially powerful. He uses his electrical powers to wound his opponents and to create a zone of plasma around him.

Pokémon Unite will be cross-platform between Nintendo Switch and mobile terminals. This means, in essence, that there will be crossover play. In addition, if you log in using your Nintendo account or the Pokémon Trainer Club account, you will have the possibility to use your saved data on any device. Thanks to this feature, progress will move from one platform to another without any problem. It’s time to prepare to level up and improve the team, but that will be in a few days.

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