Pokémon Unite: graphical comparison and loading times on Switch vs iOS and Android

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Pokémon Unite has debuted this September 22 on iOS and Android mobile devices. The MOBA by TiMi Studio and The Pokémon Company based on the famous pocket creatures already has more than 9 million players on Nintendo Switch alone, where it was originally launched this summer; but now it reaches the mass market. We already have here one graphical comparison and loading times of Pokémon Unite between Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

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Pokémon Unite on mobile, how does it perform compared to Nintendo Switch?

The irruption in mobile of Pokémon Unite with cross-save and cross-play, as well as the new Spanish translation, make it very difficult not to take a look. Adapted for all types of audiences and with a content update system typical of all free-to-play (it’s free with microtransactions and paid content), like a battle pass or the seasons, its success is being overwhelming.

On a technical level, the game was promised to be essentially the same; but, as always, on mobile there is a huge asterisk: performance depends on the power of your smartphone. The version used for this video is a Samsung Galaxy S21. “The game for this platform is a 1: 1 port of the Switch version. All the graphic settings are the same ”, he assures. One of the advantages of the mobile version is the resolution, which depending on the device can be higher than the 720p of the Nintendo Switch in portable mode.

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Regarding the loading times, Pokémon Unite charges faster on smartphones, while on Nintendo Switch there is some problem with framerate punctual, with oscillations below 50 FPS. As a general rule, the game runs at 60 FPS on all devices.

Pokémon Unite is now available for free download (model free-to-play) en Google Play (Android), App Store (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) y la eShop de Nintendo Switch.

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