Pol Granch’s character in Elite really does exist!

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Phillippe Florian von Triesenberg has caused a sensation in Elite 4, and it does exist in real life.

Pol Granch, the winning singer of Factor X Spain, makes his acting debut bringing the character belonging to royalty to life. Phillippe arrives in Las Encinas to interact with Cayetana (Georgina Amorós).

In the story, Phillippe is a direct crown prince of Franco-Spanish royalty who has spent most of his life lived in France.

And even though Pol He also has Spanish and French roots, Phillippe has more similarities to a true monarch.

Check out the video above to find out who it is.

In the middle of last year, Pol He starred in a scandal, a few weeks after announcing his incorporation to Elite.


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He continued: “Those unfortunate statements were made 7 years ago from the account of an immature and inexperienced boy with whom, at present, I do not identify at all, nor do I share a single one of those messages and the serious background they have, of that I was not conscious at any time. Age is no excuse to justify hurting the feelings of another human being and for this reason today I want to apologize and show my regret to anyone who has hurt with the comments of an unconscious boy .

He finished: “Today I have grown and matured and my only objective is to continue learning, to work to be able to share my music and face new professional challenges with the greatest humility and desire to do things the best I know how”.

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