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Police arrest a thief who hid under a blanket and forgot to hide his “big feet”

Last Monday, the police force of the English city of Swadlincote ad on his Facebook page the capture of a thief who had tried to hide inside a closet and under a blanket, and who had been betrayed for his “big feet.”

The 36-year-old was a criminal wanted for committing robberies in the South Derbyshire district, about 150 kilometers northwest of London.

The agents decided to search the thief’s house despite being told that he was not there. Eventually, they opened a closet in the house and saw inside feet sticking out from under a blanket.

“He was arrested after they found him hidden in the closet under a blanket, his big feet gave him away,” said the Facebook post, which generated a wave of humorous comments.

“Brilliant. Why don’t all criminals do the same thing?”, One user quipped.

“He should have put on Harry’s invisibility cloak [Potter]”wrote another.

Even in the publication itself the joke made by one of the sergeants is quoted: “If you flee from the Swadlincote Police you will only get to jail tired. In this case, [el ladrón] he had his blanket ready to sleep in the cell. “

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