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Police Corruption Drama Banned for 30 Years

10pm, BBC Four
In 1978, the police-corruption drama “Law and Order” sparked such a significant controversy that it led to debates in the House of Commons and received a 30-year broadcast ban. Tonight, as a prelude to a special airing of the drama’s four episodes, writer and creator GF Newman looks back on the show’s legacy. He dives into the inspirations behind the series and sheds light on the reactions it evoked from police officers of the era.

9pm, BBC Three
Emma Myers captivates as Pip, a teenage private investigator, in “A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder.” The series, based on Holly Jackson’s popular novel, also features Anna Maxwell Martin as Pip’s mother. In the double-episode premiere, Pip and her accomplice Ravi (Zain Iqbal) delve into the mysterious case of Andie Bell, a schoolgirl whose death has long been under suspicion. The story unfolds with wit and clever dialogue.

9pm, Sky Arts
The stakes are high in “Battle of the Bagpipes” as competitors gear up for the World Pipe Band Championships. Featuring Field Marshal Montgomery’s band and their ambitions to clinch another victory, this week’s episode showcases a fierce head-to-head at the North Berwick Highland Games. Meanwhile, military pipers are also in rigorous preparation for King Charles’s coronation.

9pm, Alibi
In the vein of 90s classics like ER and The West Wing, the newsroom drama “Alaska Daily” brings forth its earnest characters and weighty narratives. This week, journalist Eileen (Hilary Swank) and her dedicated colleagues focus on the stark differences in how searches are conducted for a missing high-profile influencer versus an Indigenous girl, highlighting critical social issues.

10pm, W
“Love Me” explores the varied ways people process grief within a family. Post-funeral in Melbourne, Aaron (William Lodder) grapples with the feeling that neither his father Glen (Hugo Weaving) nor his sister Clara (Bojana Novakovic) are mourning appropriately. Simultaneously, Glen ponders the idea of going solo on a $15,000 vacation he had planned with Christine before her passing.

3am, Sky Sci-Fi
The comedy-drama “Reginald the Vampire” returns, twisting the conventional vampire genre with humor and charm. Reginald (Jacob Batalon), the atypical vampire, cherishes his circle of friends. Yet, he soon faces the daunting challenge of saving them from eradication.

Tickled (David Farrier, 2016), Netflix
An intriguing documentary, “Tickled” by David Farrier, delves into the peculiar world of competitive endurance tickling. Despite initial perceptions of it being an odd curiosity, the film unravels into a suspenseful conspiracy thriller. Farrier embarks on a quest to understand the roots of tickling videos he finds online, only to encounter threats, enigmatic producers, and increasingly dark twists.

Live Sport
Test cricket: England v West Indies

10am, Sky Sports Cricket.
Day one at Lord’s.

Euro 2024 football: Netherlands v England

6.30pm, ITV1.
The second semi-final will be held in Dortmund (kick-off at 8pm).

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