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Police Officer Captures UFO on Camera in Las Vegas, Nevada

On the night of April 30, a police officer in Las Vegas captured a mysterious unidentified flying object (UFO) on camera just minutes before receiving a report of an alleged sighting of aliens at a house in the city.

According to the authorities, the 911 emergency phone received multiple reports of strange flashes in the sky from different cities in Nevada, California, and Utah. In the call from the Las Vegas residence, the citizen claimed to have seen a fall from the sky and two “non-human” silhouettes moving in their backyard.

Two officers from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department were dispatched to the house half an hour later to respond to the report of alleged aliens. Upon arriving at the property, the police officers admitted to feeling nervous after having received so many reports of UFOs in the region.

The authorities have not released the images of the backyard of the family due to it being private property. However, reports suggest that agents found a circular footprint in the dirt, but no “aliens” were seen on the property.

Moments before the family’s report, an agent’s body camera caught a UFO in the sky. The recording shows a bright blue flash falling from the sky at high speed before disappearing into the darkness of the night.

The Las Vegas Police have opened an investigation for having received so many UFO reports from citizens and for what was captured by the police on video. However, the object that the population saw on the night of April 30 has not yet been identified.

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