Police officers break into an illegal cryptocurrency mining farm in Spain (VIDEO)

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The National Police has dismantled an illegal cryptocurrency mining farm located in a villa in Toledo (Castilla-La Mancha, Spain), as reported by the security body on its official Twitter account on Friday.

In a recording included in the publication, it is observed how the agents they hit the door of the house with a battering ram up to eight times. The images also show a number of fans and of technological devices that were apparently used to carry out said illegal activity.

The publication indicates that more than a hundred processors working and refrigeration and smoke and heat extraction equipment. It also details that “the farm was maintained through an illegal connection to the electricity supply.”

According local media, citing a statement from the Spanish Police, the agents identified a woman as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of electric fluid fraud, since, apparently, it used the energy to guarantee the maintenance of the installation.

In fact, the investigation began when it was detected that the chalet generated high electricity consumption and a higher thermal emission than usual for a family home.

The official text indicates that profitability in this type of facilities is subject to reduced electricity prices, which is why it is believed that the woman used an illegal connection to said low voltage distribution network through a three-phase electrical connection.

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Now investigators are trying to determine if the alleged perpetrator used the farm for any criminal purpose, since cryptocurrencies are sometimes used as a means of payment in illicit activities related to money laundering and technological crimes.

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