Police Protect Stray Dogs From Torrential Rain; photo goes viral on social media

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Thousands of abandoned dogs are found in India and, when there is an atmospheric phenomenon, they are the most affected. However, there are good-hearted people like a policeman in Calcula, who protected two dogs from a strong storm. A passerby caught the tender moment and the history he turned viral. Here we give you all the details.

A few weeks ago, a strong storm hit the streets of Calcutta in India, according to reports . Most people took refuge in their homes, but the thousands of stray dogs that exist in the country were out in the open.

Two of the dogs, precisely, approached Tarun Kumar Mandal and the policeman did not hesitate to share his umbrella with them to protect them from the inclement weather.

A passerby captured that emotional scene with his cell phone and posted it on social media, going viral in no time.

The same page of the Calculation Police shared the image on Twitter and users highlighted the actions of the authority.

It should be noted that in India there are between 35 to 40 million stray dogs, according to Times Of India.

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