Police warn of fake police subpoenas

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E-mails are currently circulating with alleged summonses from Europol, the Federal Police, Interpol or other police authorities, and the LKA Lower Saxony is now warning of them. These emails are fake and do not come from the authorities mentioned. Anyone who has received such an e-mail should not open the attachment and should not send any personal data back to the e-mail addresses given there.

Anyone who has complied with the fake request should inform the local police station and, if necessary, file a complaint. “Never send copies of ID cards to unknown persons!”, emphasizes the LKA.

The e-mails have subject lines like “Court Summons” or “Crimea/VER/REG/SUBORD/No. 07006…-Important”. Attached is a PDF file emblazoned with various logos from various European police authorities and Interpol. There are also stamps and signatures, which should make the letter appear serious. “Sometimes the names of authorities, logos, stamps, signatures and names are mixed up indiscriminately or are freely invented,” adds the LKA.

The recipients are asked in the e-mail to comment on the allegations made in it. According to the LKA, these are acts or offenses such as cyber pornography, child pornography, pedophilia, online masturbation, exhibitionism, online procurement, sexual blackmail and others like “pornography…” [!].

Anyone who does not report within a specified period must expect that the personal data will be published or a report will be created. It is said that family members and friends could also find out about the crime. Those addressed should report back to addresses such as directioneurpl@gmail.com.


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