Poncho returned to the ring with “Many Days” with Emmanuel Horvilleur

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After the launch of “In time there is no time to love”With Rubén Rada, Poncho, the band made up of Javier Zuker, Fabián Picciano and Leandro Lopatín launched a new collaboration. This time, the special guest was Emmanuel Horvilleur.

A few days ago the band shared the cover art of this new song on their social networks as a preview. “The photo of the Keyhole Nebula, and the supergiant star Eta Carinae in the center, all part of the great Carina Nebula 7500 light years from Earth. The photo took 30 hours of exposure, they wrote next to the image of a galaxy in charge of the photographer Diego Gravinese that would be the art of the launch cover.

After the presentation of the cover, the band officially announced that the single is available on all digital platforms including YouTube, where they also published their respective video clip produced by Panorama FIlms. The video shows Emmanuel’s journey with a woman through different parts of the city of Buenos Aires.

PONCHO FT Emmanuel Horvilleur – Many Days (Official Video)

This new installment joins several EPs and three albums released by the band (Poncho Total in 2009, Carnaval in 2013 and Joya in 2016) Throughout his 12-year career, Poncho accumulates international recognition and also within our country, such as being the authors of the hit Please Me, the most listened to song of summer 2010 and having won a Gradel Award for Best Electronic Music Album for Carnaval, their second album.

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