Pope Francis appointed Martín Guzmán as a member of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences

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The Minister of Economy Martin Guzman was appointed by the Pope Francisco as a member of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences of the Vatican.

Why the Pope chose Martín Guzmán for the Vatican Pontifical Academy

As reported by the office of the Holy See, Guzmán was chosen by the pontiff based on “his skills in social sciences and his moral integrity.”

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Martín Guzmán is 39 years old and has a degree in Economics from the National University of La Plata. He has a Ph.D. from Brown University, United States, and a post-doctorate from Columbia University.

The link between Martín Guzmán and Pope Francis

The economy minister has met several times with Bergoglio since he took office. Their last meeting took place on April 14 of this year when they met for 45 minutes in the Private Library of the Apostolic Palace of the Vatican.

For Guzmán, his link with Francisco is strategic in the face of the negotiations that Argentina has with the IMF. So much so, that after each of their meetings, the Pope issues declarations in favor of a “significant reduction of the debt of impoverished countries.”

What is the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences

The Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, founded by John Paul II in 1994, is a Vatican body that seeks to “promote the study and progress of the social, economic and legal sciences”, always in accordance with the social doctrine of the Catholic Church. .

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A striking fact is that all its members have to be appointed directly by the Pope. According to its statute, the academy works with a number of members determined between 20 and 40.

A new wink from the Pope towards Argentina in full negotiation with the IMF

Martín Guzmán is the main Argentine negotiator for the restructuring of the debt that our country has with the International Monetary Fund.

Kristalina Georgieva, head of the IMF, is a leader very close to Pope Francis and listens very carefully to each of his statements.

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