Pope Francis prayed the Angelus from the hospital balcony a week after the operation: “I felt your prayers”

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He was accompanied by boys who are cancer patients (Photo: AP – Alessandra Tarantino).

One week after the operation he underwent, the Pope Francisco, 84 years old, reappeared in public and thanked the faithful for their support: “I felt your prayers”, told them. He led the Angelus from a balcony of the Gemelli Polyclinic Hospital in Rome, where he is recovering from the colon surgery he underwent.

He greeted the faithful who gathered in front of the health center and told them that he felt very much “the closeness and the support of the prayers. He expressed: “Thank you from the heart!”, And the people responded with applause to the words of the leader of the Catholic Church.

He leaned against a lectern when he raised his hand in a gesture of blessing, and in his message he spoke of the importance of a “good” health service “accessible to all”. When praying from the hospital where he is recovering, he expressed that in these days he experienced “how important a good health service, accessible to all, as there is in Italy and other countries ”. He supported “a free health service that ensures good provision for all.”

He described it as “a precious asset that must be cared for.” He stated that for this there must be “a commitment from everyone, because it is useful for everyone and asks for everyone’s contribution,” accompanied by young patients from the hospital’s oncology department.

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He expressed his affection to the doctors and all the health personnel and asked to pray “For all the sick, especially those in the most difficult conditions.” He requested “that no one be left alone” and that “all receive the anointing of listening, closeness and care.”

The operation of Pope Francis

He was operated on a week ago for a “Diverticular stenosis” in the colon. Is about narrowness of the large intestine, which reduce o impide the passage of waste through the large intestine and can be life-threatening if not treated, he explained With Wellbeing.

The Vatican reported that the operation was “a success” and that Francis is recovering and continuing treatment at the health center, awaiting discharge. The results of the tests they did and the last blood tests gave satisfactory results.

He evolves as planned, he spends the day calmly, walks down the hall, dines with his collaborators and officiates mass in the small chapel of the room.

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