Portable PS2 is a reality thanks to a fan; video and details about the machine

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PS2 is one of the most successful and acclaimed consoles of all time, as its catalog, its more than 20 years of history and the more than 150 million machines sold have so determined. And now there are not a few users who can see the dream of seeing fulfilled the birth of a portable PS2. It was the amateur GingerOfOz who has carried out its creation, and the result is truly spectacular.

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His name is PS2 Eclipse, and the biggest challenge its creator has faced is none other than finding a way to fit the motherboard of the Sony console into a small laptop about 18 centimeters wide and 12 centimeters long, according to the measurements of the original PS2 controller when compared to the laptop. The solution? Cut said plate in a way that allows it to enter the body without jeopardizing its perfect functioning. We leave you a video of the console running games like Persona 3, Kingdom Hearts or GTA San Andreas, among others.

PS2 Eclipse: all the details of a machine that is not for sale

The main difference – beyond the obvious – between this laptop and the original console is the way the games are played; To achieve such a small size, the user in question has been forced to dispense with the hard drive, so the programs run by other methods (USB). For its part, the battery offers around two and a half hours of autonomy. Of course, the games run at the original speed and without any bugs or technical problems, since in no case we are talking about emulation, but about a 100% native experience.

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PS2 Eclipse Its not for saleNor has its creator shown any interest in using it for commercial purposes.

Source: GingerOfOz in YouTube | IGN


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