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Post Malone & Blake Shelton’s “Pour Me A Drink” Resembles Halle Kearns’ Song

Reactions can be intense when two songs sound almost identical. In the music industry today, it’s not uncommon for lawsuits to arise over melodies or riffs that appear strikingly similar. Sometimes, artists might unconsciously reproduce a tune they’ve heard before. Other times, it might just be a coincidence, given the limited number of notes and chord progressions available. On occasion, though, something more questionable could be at play.

It is likely that many of these similarities, especially in mainstream country music, reflect the genre’s current formulaic and repetitive nature, rather than outright theft. Still, when similar songs occur without proper credit— and importantly, without the associated financial compensation— legal action can follow. Litigation isn’t always pursued, given its complexity and the often ambiguous nature of musical similarity.

A recent case in point involved Kane Brown, whose contribution to Florida Georgia Line’s “I Love My Country” was officially recognized due to the song’s similar melody and chord progression. Beyoncé also faced scrutiny when her song “Texas Hold ‘Em” drew comparisons to the theme song from the TV show Franklin.

In the latest instance, Post Malone and Blake Shelton are under the spotlight for a resemblance to another artist’s work. This time, the similarity concerns an up-and-coming Nashville artist in the country music scene. Halle Kearns released her single “Homemade Margaritas” in March, a playful song about making margaritas to satisfy a tropical craving. The song is all about embracing the city or countryside vibe by making a homemade margarita and channeling a bit of Jimmy Buffett.

However, the intro of Post Malone’s “Pour Me A Drink” reportedly sounds nearly identical to Kearns’ track. When the melodies are played side by side, the resemblance is undeniable. While the lyrical content of each song is different, the striking similarity in their intros is difficult to ignore.

Halle Kearns even shared a side-by-side comparison on social media, playing both intros simultaneously. The similarity is almost note-for-note, making it hard to unhear once noticed. While the intros are where the similarities mostly end, the uncanny resemblance is still quite compelling.

In the meantime, listeners can enjoy Halle Kearns’ track, which perfectly captures the spirit of summer with its upbeat and tropical vibe.

Source: Whiskey Riff