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Post Malone Smokes 40-45 Cigarettes a Day

Most singers do their best to take care of their voice, avoiding air-conditioned rooms, cold drinks and even going weeks without saying a word to let him rest. However, someone forgot to explain those tricks to Post Malone when he began his career in the world of music and in recent years his vices have begun to take their toll.

“On a very bad day, and there is a very fine line that separates a terrible day from a good one, I can reach 40 cigars, or 45,” he explained in the podcast ‘Full Send’. “When I order the second package, I always get defensive saying, ‘Calm down, nothing happens.’ But when I realize I’m opening the third one, I say to myself, ‘I’m the worst and it’s time to go to bed.'”

His personal record so far has been 80 cigars in a single day, but he tries to console himself by thinking that Johnny Cash started smoking at the age of 12 and never stopped singing. In his case, however, there is still hope because not too long ago he managed to give up marijuana forever, which he used to fight his anxiety and try to sleep better. What pushed him to make such a major change in his life was a terrifying experience when he was given an adulterated substance that got him to rethink many things.

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