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Post Malone Teases Unreleased Breakup Song with Luke Combs, “Guy For That”

Post Malone Teases Unreleased Breakup Song with Luke Combs, “Guy For That”

The dream team. This evening, Post Malone teased another unreleased tune from his forthcoming country album F-1 Trillion that features superstar Luke Combs called “Guy For That.” It’s one that Posty actually teased a while back, and has a super catchy, upbeat melody that finds the two of them reminiscing on a lost love and how they have a guy for a lot of things, but no one to help fix her heart and “put her tires back in the drive.”

“Know a VIP up at MIT, And he still won’t let me fly the time machine, Someone to turn back the hands on my new AP, But buddy what I really need, Is someone to put her tires back in the drive, And if they don’t, then I just might lose what’s left of my never-lovin’ mind. I’m damn near down to my last dime. I’m pretty good at breaking down a heart, But picking up the pieces is the hard part.”

Post’s F-1 Trillion album is due out on August 16th, so we shouldn’t have to wait too much longer to hear this one and maybe if we’re really lucky we’ll get to hear it sooner than that. I mean, you know putting these two together meant only one thing: they’d make a hit song, and while it’s unclear if Luke is a co-writer on this one, I’d say that’s highly likely and I love the sound of it already.

Post has of course been teasing, and releasing, several country songs from the album, and his song with Morgan Wallen “I Had Some Help” has been a multi-week #1 on both the Billboard Hot 100 chart and the Country Airplay chart. He also released one with Blake Shelton called “Pour Me A Drink,” and teased a song called with Chris Stapleton that I’m super excited for too.

“I Had Some Help”

Source: Particle News